The Silent War

I have typically not failed at many things I put my mind too.
Yet three attempts to take my own life somehow I managed to fail that.
Some say fate, others say I didn’t really try hard enough,

but I would like to believe it was God and His higher plan for my life.

When I made this short video “The Silent War” I was focused on conquering my chronic tinnitus, a severe hearing condition called recruitment (it can be confused with hyperacusis) becoming profoundly deaf meant losing my profession, the ability to truly communicate and connect with family and friends.

Helen Keller wrote:

“Being blind separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people”.

I had been told Hearing Aids were useless and would not help my conditions. Years later I was referred to an Audiologist who had another plan, Cochlear Implants.
Today I am president of a Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant support group.
Helping others on their hearing loss journey and in many cases this coincides with mental health issues.
The Silent War was just part of my journey,
I did not know at the time it was the end of a chapter, and that a new beginning was about to unfold.

Today I am writing the next chapter,

and so should you be in your life.

You can find me at

Looking up is looking forward.

“when life gets in the way of lifting, lift life”


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