Suicide Loss Survivor Visits PFH

How can you identify someone who might be having thoughts of suicide?

How can you get people to open up and share their inner thoughts?

Triggers for suicide, drug abuse and addiction, medication, spiritual battle, grief, and signs of suicide are a few of the topics discussed in a just an hour and half. The presentation included Toby’s YouTube documentary, “Suicide is not the answer,” the presentation, and Q&A. Staff, clients and guardians were present and engaged. PFA clients are comprised of adult and youth individuals who struggle with their mental health and substance use disorders.

Thank you to Shelby Kennison, Intervention Specialist, for having me present and for her passion to spread suicide awareness.

Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) is in the process of building their location’s Suicide Prevention Team. The purpose of this team is to bring awareness and empower members of the community to take action to prevent suicide. They want community members to feel comfortable enough to broach the subject and encourage the use of community support. PFH link.

Their facility provides a variety of mental health and substance use services such as:

-ACTTAY (Assertive Community Treatment for Transitional Aged Youth)

-SUD (Substance Use Diagnoses)

-Mental Health Diagnoses

-Case Management

-Family Support

Thank you PFH staff and clients for the stickers, your words of encouragement, the tears shared, and responses during the presentation.

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