Now choose life…

Deuteronomy 30:19



I was blessed to meet Sheila Walsh, Bible teacher, best selling author, tv host, & a judge for my winning essay, “Toby- That Night In Our Bed”. It briefly describes the unimaginable devastation our family was struck with, the the suicide death of our only son and brother, Toby.→


There is no shame in someone trying to improve their mental health. Likewise, there is no shame in someone trying to raise a red flag on the suicide side effect of antidepressants.

One cause of suicide is: an effect of an antidepressant medication. 

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Dr. Peter Breggin’s new concept of medication spellbinding provides insights into why so many people take psychiatric drugs when the drugs are doing more harm than good. Psychiatric drugs, and all other drugs that affect the mind, spellbind the individual by masking their adverse mental effects from the individual taking the drugs. If the person experiences a mental side effect, such as anger or sadness, he or she is likely to attribute it to something other than drug, perhaps blaming it on a loved one or on their own “mental illness.” Often people taking psychiatric drugs claim to feel better than ever when in reality their mental life and behavior is impaired. In the extreme, medication spellbinding leads otherwise well-functioning and ethical individuals to commit criminal acts, violence or suicide.

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We created this film in hopes to help people recognize signs of suicide and to begin a  conversation.

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Why are so many young people ending their own lives? It seems conventional methods to combat depression aren’t helping. 

Suicide is a leading cause of death, especially in young people.


What is happening? Why aren’t the numbers of suicide deaths going down, with all the antidepressants people are using?

Suicide happens within the church body. It did with us. We are an ordinary Christian family, living on a farm in Northeast Missouri, the Heartland.

When anxiety overwhelms me, Your comfort brought me JOY. 

–  Psalm 94:19