School Lunches Suck

By Toby Gottman

Can we take a moment to smile? Maybe even laugh?

This was a persuasive essay written by Toby, dated Dec. 15, 2015. So, Toby was seventeen at that time. Although proper nutrition is very important to overall health and therefore to mental health, I’m only sharing this article to show Toby’s personality. Toby liked to laugh and he was serious about this topic. I remember him telling me one day, that they only served the broccoli stems at school, as one example. I felt sad about the lousy lunches but we never even considered sending a lunch with him. Cold sandwiches and chips weren’t ideal either.

school lunches suck

i think that if our school took away the soda machines that all the student body would be completely unhappy. pretty much just because the lunches are not good. whenever i come to school and i didn’t eat breakfast i just look forward to lunch and every time i look forward to lunch because i’m hungry they always disappoint. i have never been satisfied after a school lunch they are just horrible.

people say that these school lunches are good for you. i personally think that the food might not be bad for you but it definitely isn’t a good tasting full meal. if i had a good lunch at school i would be more motivated to do good in school and try harder. who is going to want to try hard on a empty stomach. i know i don’t because i feel like the school is cheating me, they want me to do good so in return i want a good lunch.

i get fed every day but not enough. i’m a teenage boy i want something to fill me up not just get me by. if i don’t have money in my lunch account to get extra stuff then my stomach will growl at me the rest of the day. all they give you is a dang chicken patty and they expect you to eat broccoli stems or some nasty sides that no one likes. i’m tired of their meals but it’s all i have to eat so i have to eat. if we are at school for 8 hours 5 days a week then i want a decent lunch.

some people say kids are getting overweight. if they’re getting overweight it’s definitely not because of the school’s food. there isn’t anything wrong with a little meat on your bones. it seems like the stuff they give us has nothing to it. it also seems like everything they have comes out of a can. if it comes out of a can don’t feed it to me. i want something homemade because this stuff they give us now isn’t doing it for me. i can’t see myself ever liking school lunches unless they change it up a little bit.

i really feel like the school should make some changes in their lunches but until then i would say they shouldn’t get rid of the soda and snack machines. it would be tough for us young men and women out here struggling in school. it’s not hard to make a decent lunch just give us some good sides and everything will be okay but until then i wouldn’t get rid of the soda and snack machines.


“It is food for thought!”

I love Toby and typing this out, like he did, (not caring about capitalization or punctuation ;-D), brings back all of my protective feelings I had for him then and still do, even now.

At his visitation, several of us sat in the sanctuary when it was over and people spoke about Toby. His sister, Ashley, read this essay to us. Hearing his personality shine through, after he was gone, just ripped my heart out all over again. It still does today but I have to make myself laugh because I’m happy I had Toby.

John 6:35

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.