Hypoglycemia is a cause of alcoholism

I shared my post “Not caring if you die is passive suicidal ideation – signs of suicide” with a private social media pharma drug awareness group. I asked for constructive feedback. This is what the administrator of the group wrote.

You want feedback? You need to get to the core of all those issues & out of all the psychobabble. The family’s core issue is hypoglycemia. This is where the parent’s drinking came from. And Nicole was likely put on something for her depression – all of which drop the blood sugar worsening the hypoglycemia & poor Kayla born into it all. It genetically hits around puberty as the body is going through so many growing pains. The body needs lots of nutrition to make those changes but that is when the hypoglycemia hits from the excess stress kicking in addiction & depression issues. And whatever you do never mention anything from NAMI again. All they are is a marketing arm for Pharma & their addictive drugs. Senator Chuck Grassley found in a Senate probe in 2008 exactly what I had been telling everyone for years…81% of their funding was coming directly from Pharma! The head of the group was so embarrassed that he stepped down from his position & left the group

I’m part of the group because I firmly believe antidepressants are harmful to people. It was the number one reason our son killed himself. I get that people don’t want to believe antidepressants are harmful. They don’t want to think they’ve made a poor decision by taking one or agreeing to one for their child. I know I have extreme guilt now, having allowed my son to be on one. I was against it but the doctor insisted it was safe and told me millions are on them. On and on he went about the greatness of the pill until I gave in and decided to let Toby try it. We didn’t even go to the doctor for depression in the first place. We went for E.D. – erectile dysfunction. Of course, there’s a long version to our story but in the end, the doctor confirmed the fact that the antidepressant caused Toby to commit suicide. I called the office shortly after Toby’s death. A lady answered and she must have motioned for the doctor immediately to come close because I could hear him talk in the background. He did not talk to me but I could hear him tell the receptionist/nurse? “Tell her she knew the risks of the pill.” And that was it. He never talked to me personally. The counselor Toby saw twice also later told me that when they saw Toby, he wasn’t suicidal. They are required to tell parents if a child is suicidal.

But this post is about my niece and her drug addiction battle, and how it relates to suicide. I agree with the doctor, who commented on this post, (with all her many years of fighting against pharmaceutical companies and testifying in court for people who committed acts of violence in school shootings because of being on antidepressants) that antidepressants are harmful to people.

Lack of nutrients and the Standard American Diet (SAD) does contribute to depression, alcoholism (which alcohol is a depressant), drug addiction, and suicide. It is just another piece to the suicide puzzle.



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